Design Layers

The core part of Zarno2 is the main screen. The designer represent all sides of the box or another cover object in a single flat view. The dashed lines shows the box side bounds.
With this screen you can design each side of the shot separately anymore.
The box shot or cover design consists of . In fact each layer represents an object of a certain type. There are several types of layers:
Bitmap Image layer allows adding artwork or photos into your design. This is extremely useful if you wish to add a product logo, photo, screenshot, or a background. You may either insert an image from file or paste it form the clipboard.
Line layer represents a straight line with optional arrows at the ends.
Ellipse layer represent an ellipse filled and\or outlined with colors.
Rectangle layer represent a rectangle ellipse filled and\or outlined with colors.
Text layer allows creating text labels in various fonts and styles.
If you are designing a template then you may insert the following macro expressions in the text:
The macros will be substituted with actual values by the New Document Wizard upon document creation. The same mechanism works for all types of text layers.
Curvy text layer allows creating text labels curved around the central point.
Wavy text layer allows creating text labels curved like interference of two orthogonal waves.
Star layer allows creating a regular shape with several beams.
Multi-line text layer allows creating a relatively large text labels consisting of several text paragraphs. This is useful for writing product descriptions, feature lists, and so on.
Custom shape layer allows inserting custom vector shapes from the preset collection.
Rounded box layer allows creating rectangular shapes with customizable rounded corners.
Use Visual Designer Toolbar on the top of the designer area to add new layers.
You may apply additional visual effects to layers.
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